365 Connecting Questions for Couples

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365 Connecting Questions for Couples
365 Connecting Questions for Couples 365 Connecting Questions for Couples 365 Connecting Questions for Couples 365 Connecting Questions for Couples 365 Connecting Questions for Couples

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TJ Grant

So much fun!

This book is fantastic. My husband and I have been married for two years and have an eleven month old. Our conversations quickly turned into talks about diapers and all things parenting, which left us both feeling disconnected. We finally decided we needed a boost and bought this book. We have talked about a few of the questions and they have led to amazing conversations and laughter. This book really helped us get out of the rut we got into balancing a new marriage with a new baby. I highly recommend it!

Christina Gutierrez

The perfect marriage book.

My husband and I got married when he was 19 & I was 18. We are hitting our one year anniversary in a few weeks & it’s been a CRAZY year. We did ONE, just ONE question so far & we couldn’t stop laughing & we just kept on talking. We’ve always been very close but I feel this book will make us even closer. He feels the same way and I couldn’t be more thankful for this book! We look forward to answer all these questions. ❤️

Becky Tash

The gift that keeps on giving.

I was so excited for Meygan and Casey’s book to come out that I got one for my Husband and I and one for my friend who is to be married this year. After looking through all the questions and Conversation starters i knew it would be the perfect gift for young couples. It helped my 17 year marriage too. Sometimes we forget how just start a simple conversation that doesn’t include work and kids. This is the answer for that. Loved it. Great bridal shower gift!!

Petrea Taylor

Just what my introvert needed

My hubby is a huge introvert and I am an extrovert and this has helped us to just communicate regularly well. I feel loved because he is talking to me and he feels loved because I am taking the time to listen. We do it every night when we get into bed and it has helped my very quiet hubby open up about things he just never thinks to say and also helped me to allow him time to share......we love it. Some times it’s quick and some times it opens up some amazing conversations that leave us talking for hours. So good.


Every couple needs this book!!

We got this book a few weeks ago and it’s been amazing for my husband and I! We have 2 kids under 2 and you can imagine how little quality time we have lately. Carving time out for this book every day has brought us back together in a way I didn’t expect. Both of us have quality time as our primary love language so this has been a perfect way for us to have great conversation daily. I’m a counselor too and will definitely recommend this book to clients as well. Highly recommend!