Communication That Connects - eBook

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Tired of getting stuck in the same arguments?
Having a tough time talking the way you used to?
Do you feel like you're not being heard?
Well, how we communicate is what connects us. Think about the impact that the spoken word has over the person you married.  You can literally shift the atmosphere of your home through a simple act of showering your spouse with gratitude. Words have the power to give life or take it away. How you speak to each other will determine the distance your relationship will go.
In our eBook Communication that Connects, we are going to give you the tools and practical action steps to build healthy communication patterns in your marriage.  You’ll find some great strategies on managing conflict and how to turn it to a positive experience that will draw you closer as a couple.  We’ll share with you the single best advice that you will ever hear on transforming your marriage. We’ll walk together through the process of letting go of old stuff and moving forward in your relationship.
With over 3,000 copies sold, Communication that Connects is a 95 page eBook that will change the way you think about your spouse and help you achieve the marriage you’ve always dreamed of! 
Here are some topics we discuss:
  • Conflict is healthy and normal 
  • How to actively listen to your spouse
  • The silent treatment 
  • The “D” word
  • How to forgive when you’ve been deeply hurt
  • How to agree to disagree
  • Verbal abuse
  • How to Assume the positive of your spouse
  • The Kiss-Kick-Kiss Method
  • How to bring up an issue
  • Loving your spouse when they least deserve it 
At the end of each chapter, we give you practical ideas and conversation starters to help guide you into conversations that build strong and more intimate connections.
This eBook will be emailed to you as a PDF file, which you can download to any device. This eBook can be read on your smart phone, iPad, and computer.